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One direction - Drag me down

Tchu Tchu Tcha

the scientist

TAKE MY HAND 歌手:simple plan 专辑:simple plan sometimes i feel like everybody's got a problem. sometimes i feel like nobody wants to solve them. i know that people say we're never gonna make it. but i know we're gonna get th...

wonder girls--nobody

是 can't nobody ——2NE1 韩国组合唱的。。 有英文版。 貌似你听的是英文版、、、 采纳我哦~

是WONDER GIRL的Nobody~ http://video.qq.com/v1/videopl?v=5epItFWcpCo

Shayne Ward - 应该是这一首了, 超赞的,本人超爱。 歌词: baby life was good to me but you just made it better I love the way you it stand by me through any kind of weather I don't wanna run away just wanna make your day when yo...


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